Meet Bad Nerves, the “200 miles an hour Supergrass”

BBC Radio London’s Gary Crowley coined “200 miles an hour Supergrass” description for Bad Nerves and you’ll realise how right he was as soon as you hear the opening verse of Palace.

They’re clearly also influenced by The Strokes and other distorted indie pop rock bands that have come before them.

Vocalist Bobby Nerves also wants to share his observations in the context of the band’s frenetic new single: “New Shapes is about accepting people for who they are and celebrating our differences.”

“I cannot understand why anybody would discriminate against another human being because they’re not the same. Be it race, gender, sexuality, or struggling with mental illness… It’s baffling how concerned people are with these things when none of it matters in the slightest. Be kind, be considerate, be open to new and different ideas, and listen to Bad Nerves!”

Bad Nerves by Bad Nerves is out on Killing Moon Records on November 20, 2020.

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