New Music: Leaving Looks Good On You by Emily Faye

Write Like A Girl founder Emily Faye is back with a country rock sound

Recently, Emily Faye’s been getting noticed in the UK live scene as one third of the Write Like A Girl team, who put on songwriters’ rounds to showcase the work of female songwriters. Their efforts have been noticed by Nashville’s Song Suffragettes collective, who selected co-founder Vic Allen to join them on their UK tour this May.

Emily Faye is a talented writer and performer in her own right and her latest single is no exception. It’s a country rock banger with a hint of a Robert Palmer sound and a Shania Twain attitude.

The message is clear – the useless boyfriend’s time is up: “I love the way that you walk when you’re walking away/your car has never looked better than when it hits the highway.”

Like Faye’s previously releases, it’s a catchy little number and with material like this to draw from, we hope that a full length album is on the horizon soon.