High Valley profile

High Valley seem out to subtly subvert expectations. Starting out sounding like standard U.S. country bros, they’re actually Canadian Mennonites. The rich voices propelled by a snap track turn out to also be backed by a banjo. Another nod to the more traditional side of country music shines through the lyrics. Despite first impressions otherwise, it’s about committed good loving, not drinking and womanising.

It ends up as a foot-stomping bluegrass dance track that’s incredibly catchy. It’s an ode to love and life, stressing that the grass is not greener on the other side if it means doing without true love: “I don’t know a single man/that ain’t out looking for what I’ve got.”

High Valley have racked up over half a billion streams. In fact, they’re Canada’s top-selling country band. Single Man is the first cut from the brothers’ second album.

Update: In June 2021, the band announced that Curtis Rempel left the band during lockdown to spend more time with his family in Canada. It’s only fair that he gets to retire because he’d been in the band since he was six! Brad Rempel, who was 12 when the band started, is remaining in the band. Although the brothers were the face of High Valley, four other band members played live and they will continue on together.

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