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Mom Jeans evoke late 90s radio rock music

When Mom Jeans decided that they need to honour and reimagine late 90s U.S. radio rock music, they were more than ready to deliver wholeheartedly.

Their new single, Crybaby (On The Phone) has shades of Weezer and basically every song that ever appeared on an American Pie soundtrack. Obviously, the Blink-182 influence is pretty evident on the album cover too…

Vocalist Eric butler explained “those hits by Blink-182 and Green Day, all those bands, it’s just hooks for days and really excellent songwriting. They really just tried to write incredible songs that would get stuck in people’s heads, so we wanted to try our own version of that. Ear candy is the goal, so Sweet Tooth is the record.”

Mom Jeans are from Berkeley and the video for Sweet Tooth features fellow Bay Area band Just Friends. The video for their previous single, What’s Up, showed love for Weezer-style pastel colours.

Mom Jeans recorded their sophomore album, Sweet Tooth, at The Barber Shop Studios in New Jersey with producer Brett Romnes (The Front Bottoms, Oso Oso, Dogleg). It’s due out February 25, 2022.

Sweet Tooth Tracklisting:
1. Something Sweet
2. What’s Up
3. Hippo In The Water
4. White Trash Millionaire
5. Circus Clown
6. Sugar Rush
7. Graduating Life
8. Luv L8r
9. Crybaby (On The Phone)
10. Anime Theme Song
11. Tie Dye Acid Trip
12. Ten Minutes
13. Teeth

Bonus content! If you love 90s radio rock, you’ll surely recognise the phrase ‘million miles of fun.’ Drug Church do, and now it’s the title of their latest single. Their fourth album, Hygeine, is due out on Pure Noise Records on March 11, 2021.

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