Momma: new music for 90s fans!

Love 90s music but yearn for something brand new? Then you’re in luck; your long search might finally be over! Make sure you check out Momma from New York City. The video for Medicine (directed by Hailey Heaton) was filmed on VHS-C. This perfectly complements the retro ambience of their sound, as does the Kodak film aesthetic of their promo photo!

Photo credit: Cooper Winterson

When we wrote the first verse, we realised it was one of the first times we couldn’t write about heartbreak – we were both in very loving relationships,” the band explained. “We wanted to write about that feeling of just being addicted to someone, and how someone else’s company can really feel like a drug.” 

The band’s reputation precedes them. Rolling Stone (Artist You Need to Know), NPR, LA Weekly, Stereogum, Pitchfork, Paste, and NYLON have already tipped them. And, now, Music Closeup too!

Momma recently signed to Lucky Number Music, the home of artists like Charly Bliss, Darwin Deez, and Middle Kids. They are preparing to support their new labelmates Sunflower Bean on a short U.S. tour in early 2022. Don’t worry, plans for Momma to play in the UK are already in the works!

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