AMA-UK Americana Showcases 2021 – Day 1

January 26, 2021
Virtually everywhere

As the official event photographer, we’re used to watching every AMA-UK showcase set. Every. Single. One. COVID pushed the 2021 showcases online but we decided to keep that tradition alive nonetheless. Not having to walk 12 miles over two nights and climb the stairs at Oslo countless times to do it is an unexpected benefit, even if screenshots aren’t a patch on professional photos!

The digital version of the event had another major plus point – we got to see everyone’s lovely comments as they discovered new favourites in real-time. So, we decided to combine our review with a selection of reactions.

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AmericanaFest 2021 UK goes virtual!

The year usually starts out strong for Americana artists, music business professionals and fans. There is a dizzying array of genre specific conference seminars, industry opportunities, and showcases in East London, all topped off with a star-studded awards ceremony.

The tireless board members (including CEO Stevie Smith, DJ and festival impresario Baylen Leonard and artist manager Charlie Pierce) weren’t going to let a little thing like lockdown get in the way of supporting, representing and advocating for Americana in the UK. They took the whole shebang virtual.

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From Americana to blues, soul and R&B: John Paul Keith’s rhythm of the city

John Paul Keith came to prominence in the burgeoning Americana scene (alternatively known as alt-country) as a founding member of the Viceroys and then the Nevers, all before the age of 23. After a decade in bands in New York City, Nashville and Birmingham Alabama, he settled in Memphis.

He’s built his solo career in the city over the last 15 years, as well as collaborating with Amy LaVere and Will Sexton. Fittingly, it was the heritage of the city that inspired Keith’s new record.

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From meeting Noel Gallagher half the world away to signing to Creation 23: Sister Psychosis reveal all

Following the omnipresence of Oasis and the brothers’ solo efforts, many a teenager dreamed of meeting Noel Gallagher. Few made it happen the way that 18 year old Amanda May did. She posed as a caterer to blag her way backstage: “I got to meet him, hang in his dressing room and watch the gig from side stage so I was pretty happy. He was such a cool dude. So friendly and humble. When he introduced himself to me I found it so bizarre. Like of course I know who you are mate!”

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Petric flashback to the magic of live music

Canadian country pop trio Petric are stoked to be releasing their debut album Flashbacks.

They worked with Grammy nominated producer Chris Baseford (Avril Lavigne, Nickleback) to craft a nine track record filled with ballads and bangers, including Single Problem which has been streamed over a million times to date. It was the highest charting single by a Canadian independent artist in 2019.

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Silverstein’s innovative livestreams

Last year, we reported on how Silverstein creatively responded to the despondency of lockdown by inviting fans to call in their thoughts and using those recordings in their video for a COVID-19 era reworking of Infinite.

The Canadian band are continuing to innovate in response to the challenges of the pandemic. Over three weekends in February they will perform three different sets featuring greatest hits, acoustic jams, and Discovering The Waterfront in its entirety. So far, so nostalgia tour, right?

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