How can Mayday Parade follow 5 million streams? A live EP, of course!

Recording reel with record title on

Mayday Parade fans soothed the pain of missing the band’s high energy live shows by enjoying their Out of Here Sessions live stream in October 2020. It was recorded by Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount who also produced Mayday Parade’s Out of Here EP which has been streamed over 3 million times since its release just before lockdown.

The live set recorded at the producers’ Screaming Eagle Studios was so well-received that the band decided to release the highlights as an EP, Live At Screaming Eagle.

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EP Review: Yur Mum – Ellipsis

In an age of instant gratification and decreasing attention spans, it’s bold to start a record with a long intro. It shows faith in the listener to trust them to stick around for the pay off. The lead vocal and confrontational tone bears some resemblance to Live Through This era Hole but with the heavier bearing that some of Hole’s fans would have preferred to the pop direction of the follow-up Celebrity Skin. The pace of What Do You Want picks up to a blazing solo.

The barrage on Sweatshop cements Yur Mum’s sound and is pretty damn impressive for a two piece.

No quarter given as Ellipsis crashes in with deliberate drums and counterpoint shrieking, plus just a little reverb to layer and enrich the sound.

Rotten is all bass, cymbals and feedback, continuing the onslaught with just enough melodic elements to keep it appealing to more delicate ears. For those more familiar with more sedate scenes, think the held, theatrical metal notes of Tim Prottey Jones.

Closure does what it says on the tin with a more restrained, vocally led tune – at least for a while! An insistent riff soon takes over, enveloped by crashing drums.

If you’re looking to shape up, this could be just what you need to keep you motivated for an intense 30 minute workout!