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Album Review: Idlewild – Interview Music

Interview Music‘s opening track, Dream Variations, starts out with suitably dreamy ringing guitars and surf pop bass chased with a jaunty keyboard fill and buzzing guitar. The song masquerades as lo-fi dreamy pop until Roddy Woomble’s unmistakable vocals and meandering lyrics identify it as an Idlewild song. The warm soundscape is redolent of the L.A. backdrop to the album’s recording. Things turn hazy towards the end as Woomble croons “dreams/why do they always have to be so cruel?” over melodic harmonies.

The pop vibe is clearly no anomaly as There’s A Place For Everything bursts in with even more pronounced harmonies that punctuate Woomble’s musings. Again the lyrics are weaved with dream allusions and Idlewildian statements like “existence isn’t always everything.”

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