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Silverstein share your struggles

It can be incredibly isolating to experience issues like anxiety, stress, depression and/or panic attacks. It’s hard for people who haven’t gone through anything similar to understand. Canadian rock band Silverstein are back with an intense new single, It’s Over, to let you know that they know how you feel.

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Silverstein’s innovative livestreams

Last year, we reported on how Silverstein creatively responded to the despondency of lockdown by inviting fans to call in their thoughts and using those recordings in their video for a COVID-19 era reworking of Infinite.

The Canadian band are continuing to innovate in response to the challenges of the pandemic. Over three weekends in February they will perform three different sets featuring greatest hits, acoustic jams, and Discovering The Waterfront in its entirety. So far, so nostalgia tour, right?

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Does all this feel Infinite?

Silverstein planned to mark their 20th anniversary in 2020 with a new record and tour. The album A Beautiful Place to Drown came out but the tour was, of course, cancelled.

When the band decided to reimagine the song Infinite in response to the times we’re living in, they asked fans from around the world to call in their thoughts. Widespread anxiety and trepidation is shared in the voice recordings included in the music video, which is underpinned by footage of eerily empty Canadian streets.

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