The Seafloor Cinema

The Seafloor Cinema: a new single, a new album & an existential crisis

From Sea Fever to seafloor: The Seafloor Cinema are back with a new single ahead of a new album.

On their debut record, A Metaphor For Honesty, the band combined math rock, pop-punk, and emo. This time, they’ve thrown more pop into the mix. Vocalist and bassist Justin Murry explains: “We pushed ourselves to make a record that challenged our creative boundaries, but at the same time, still giving it that Seafloor charm.”

To celebrate, The Seafloor Cinema have released Glimmer, accompanied by a retro game inspired horror starring their friends.

The band gratefully received over $20,000 from Kickstarter backers to make their sophomore album. This allowed them to invest in the services of producer Courtney Ballard (Waterparks, Good Charlotte).

When they started recording, the band only had the bare bones of what would become the new single If You Deserve It, You Deserve It.

Ballad unexpectedly challenged the band: ‘I want you to write to this, have something by the end of the week.’ 

Murry recounts: “each of us faced anxiety and crippling self-doubt as we struggled to write parts that he was happy with, until one day it all clicked and we found ourselves collaborating closer than ever before.” 

When writing the song, Murry was inspired by contemplating vast timescales. He explains: “I read an article about constructing terrifying-looking structures on top of nuclear waste facilities…so people 10,000 years from now would be too scared to make their way into them. All I could think was what good bits of humanity could possibly be left of us in 10,000 years? What if all we leave to scar the earth with is fear and waste?”

[Editor’s note: if you’re interested in how nuclear waste can be hidden for 100,000 years, check out Tom Scott’s video here.]

In Cinemascope With Stereophonic Sound by The Seafloor Cinema is out on Pure Noise Records on November 12, 2021.