TWO new acoustic songs from Thrice!

“It’s always fun to try dig out the skeletons buried in the songs” – Dustin Kensrue, Thrice

Formed in 1998 and still going strong, OC rockers Thrice have treated their fans to two acoustic cuts from their 2020 session with SirusXM’s hard rock channel, Octane.

Thrice are known for experimentation, having previously blended screamo, beats and pretty much everything in between. That’s why they jumped at the chance to deconstruct Just Breathe and Better Bridge.

Singer Dustin Kensrue explained: “We nearly always start songs with instrumental parts and craft melodic structure around those parts, and so it’s a process of discovery when we do a stripped-down project like this and cut things away to find the core of the song.” 

Photo credit: Dan Monick

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