Music News: Twisted Wheel’s new album is available now

Twisted Wheel began in 2008 but broke up in 2013. Five years later, a refreshed line-up returned.

Liam Gallagher threw his support behind the new incarnation by inviting the band to join him on his European tour in February 2020. They had previously supported him during huge shows at Old Trafford and Finsbury Park, and even on Oasis’ final tour in 2009. 

Twisted Wheel’s new album, Satisfying The Ritual, is out on March 2020. It blends Mancunian Brit pop swagger with psychedelia, trip hop and new wave influences. 

An album highlight is sure to be D.N.A., which was inspired by personal tragedy. After spending four weeks on a hospital floor at his mother’s bedside, singer Jonny Brown went to get some much-needed rest. The night he left was the night she died.

D.N.A. starts out tender and builds to an electric crescendo almost five minutes later. The lyrics explore surreal or impossible dream imagery, comparable to muddled thinking in a state of extreme tiredness. In the context of Brown’s experience, the repetition of “She’s the queen of my dreams” and “I only saw her yesterday” are painfully poignant.

You can order various packages including your choice of CD, coloured vinyl and/or t-shirts through Twisted Wheel’s website.